Friday, September 5, 2008

Tristram Shandy

I usually have music playing in the background while I am working but sometimes I will stick on a movie-which isn't the greatest idea as I am an easily distracted fool- so I have found a bit of a compromise and have started to listen to movie commentaries. Most of the movies have been sitting on my shelves gathering dust, so it is a nice way to reacquaint myself with some of my favourite movies and get to view them in a different light and hopefully be entertained into the matter.

Tonight I listened to Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon giving their thoughts on a great little movie entitled Tristram Shandy directed by Michael Winterbottom. It is based on the book The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne.

Have to say I really enjoyed listening to them both. Brydon, bar this movie -I was not too familiar with, however he came across an an incredibly likeable and very witty guy and I loved the fact that they both did not take themselves too seriously.
Coogan was refreshingly open and quite candid, passing comment on his personal life and touching on some of his past indiscretions. They joked about what directors they would like to work with, almost to the point of doing a shout-out trying to drum up some prospective employment. The Andersons, both Wes and PT seemed top of their list although they did mention the Farrelly Brothers and rather deridingly: Michael Bay. Brydon was quite self-effacing whilst constantly trying to wind up Coogan with quite infantile-but really funny comments. Coogan also had a quite a funny almost painful Woody Allen casting call story to tell.

Well worth checking out.

I have been an avid fan of Steve Coogan for many years,from Paul Calf's video diary, through Alan Partridge right up to his latest creation Saxondale. He also starred some years back as the late Tony Wilson in another great British movie-24hr Party People. Lately he has started to make his mark in the States with Hamlet 2 and Tropic Thunder after a bit of a misfire with the the apparently dreadful -Around the world in 80 days. I for one, hope we don't lose him to American movies-Brit TV would be a poorer place without him.

And that's it for BBC Radio 4 this evening. Thankyou for listening.

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