Monday, February 27, 2012


Here's a cover mock of Harvest #1 that I worked up for the Image Expo that was held over the weekend.

Not by any means a final image.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Starring Eddie Marsan, Olivia Colman, and the brilliant Peter Mullan. Has Peter Mullan ever given a bad performance?

Written and directed by Paddy Considine. This is also Considine's directorial debut and for his first outing he doesn't put a foot wrong. It's working class, social realism in the vein of Alan Clarke and Mike Leigh (minus Leigh's quirkiness- there isn't much relief or humour within the movie) Considine does not believe in pulling any punches and it will most certainly leave you emotionally exhausted as the credits begin to roll, but, if you do decide to take the journey- you'll be strongly rewarded!

Considine also wrote(alone with Shane Meadows) Dead Man's Shoes which is another movie worth tracking down--

It also features this song on the soundtrack- never has a song complimented a movie so well:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Galaxies greatest...

Not only 35 years old- but it features a bloody lovely Mike McMahon cover:
I actually started reading 2000AD with Prog 86 when another British comic called Starlord folded and merged with it. Around that same time I was reading Savage Sword of Conan and the Star Wars Weekly- with extra helpings of a lot of the British humour mags : Whoopee, Whizzer and Chips and the like...

Looking back I'm surprised that I didn't pick up on it for nearly a year and a half, especially as I was always picking up new comics in the local 2000AD passed me by for so long - I have no idea!

Most people in the industry of a certain age (whether it be in film or comics) always mention Star Wars as the defining moment when they decided "this" is the type of stuff that they want to do with their life! It's true for me also, to some extent-- but I think I would have to give that pride of place to 2000AD.

While Star Wars was definitely one of the many sparks; 2000AD was quite literally the 'blaze' that kept me engrossed with incredibly imaginative ideas, story content and characters for the longest time...

Long may it continue...

Lou, Leonard and Shane...

Some great finds on Youtube:

Almost 5 hrs worth - should keep you busy for a while...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I must admit I do enjoy my digital tunes, they are immediate and compact- meaning I can have a ridiculous amount of music on my ipod at any given time.

In saying that, I do miss the days of going to record stores and picking up Vinyl - it just seemed you got a little more bang for your buck- gatefold sleeves for one, I mean in general the bloody size of them was impressive opposed to your little cassettes and then your CDs and now, well...there's nothing of any tangible value whatsoever...

There was just something more personal about owning an album or a record; even the scratches held distant memories (-usually being too pissed to place the needle on the record properly in my case...) The sound of the needle was a comforting sound in itself-- like the rumble of a train as it moved towards it's track 1 destination... (bit of a wanky metaphor- but bear with me...)

I do also remember my sister and myself as kids using a bunch of my dad's Beatles and old Elvis singles as stepping stones-- and the sound they made as they crunched under our feet...


Anyway...that brings me on to this:

TRAILER: SOUND IT OUT - A documentary by Jeanie Finlay from Jeanie Finlay on Vimeo.

This is a fantastic slice of life documentary of the very last surviving vinyl record shop in Stock-on Tees in the UK.

I bloody loved it! I think you will too...