Thursday, July 28, 2011


Trying to get my hands on this movie for the longest time...and today I finally
snagged it! A store downtown, going out of business was selling everything with 50% $35 for a hard to find oop DVD ain't too bad.

It also has a commentary with the director Sidney J. Furie and editor Peter Hunt.

Apparently the producer( Harry Saltzman) wanted to fire Furie right at the start of production because he thought his camera choices and style of filming was a little too unusual...thankfully he was kept on mainly due to the editor(Hunt) fighting his corner and explaining to Saltzman how truly brilliant Furie was. This little masterpiece of British cinema certainly would not have been the same without Furie's masterful direction . It's probably worth mentioning that some of those camera choices did come from the fact that Furie was a little pissed up at the time...

If that's the case he must have been blind drunk and in the midst of falling down a long flight of stairs when he directed Superman IV: The Quest for Peace...



I'm now genuinely excited to see this!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Digital Pencils

Now the comic Earp is done and gone ...I thought I would share some of the pencils with you. I know I put up a few pages previously, but here it is again- all in one big batch!

As you progress through them you will see variations in the rendering style. This was mainly down to the fact that as I had decided to work digitally I still wanted to attain something resembling a traditional penciled page. I feel I was successful to some extent, and can decide for yourself.

I was brought on to the project towards the end of issue 1...Page 50 to be exact and below is that very first page.

I penciled the page up in Photoshop and then added a texture layer - lowered the opacity on the eraser and removed some of the texture, adding some highlights and depth.

With issue two. I decided to just keep it as line-work. This was not the best idea as every little detail then had to be rendered.

I was quite happy with how this page turned out. However when sending it to the editor, she quite rightly asked where the light source would be coming I went back in and added some chandeliers- but in doing so, it pushed the scale of the characters off. So with the magic of Photoshop- I quite simply reduced them down a notch and fiddled a little with the bg until I arrived at this:

The style of Earp was quite I had to ref a lot of photos for the female characters to made sure I didn't exaggerate their form too much and get too stylized. Researching the female form was tough- My poor eyes were faced with so much nakedness...

Product placement: UXB hat!

My son posed A LOT for this least 4 of the 5 panels above feature him. Thanks little man! He even had a little Earp jacket that he wore ...awwwwwww!!!!!

With issue 3 I decided to add some gray scale to help add some depth and also to avoid unnecessary detail- especially when viewing the final painted pages and finding that a lot of the detail was being lost anyway...

Quite liked this one...nice angle. However Flynn's chin is literally sitting on the line of the bottom panel- not good! I also, for the first time, added some photographic elements into this one - such as the records on the wall and the casino floor in the BG.

In the second panel of the above page, Flynn is showing Rodney a doodle of his cock and balls! Third panel he is saying: "You like?!" Oh wait - that's my version of the script...getting a bit off topic there.

Have to say, I wasn't too sorry about whiny Morgan getting the rope!
Kyushik- when painting, seemingly tortured poor Morgan with his paintbrush- burned him up and everything - some really sick shit! So it looks like I wasn't the only one.

With issue 4 I opted to add in more photographic elements- usually something I would never do- but for this project in particular it made sense to do so- not just from a production point of view but it also helped to achieve the final art style that the project required.

The final page.

There are a lot of photo elements in that page and you would think it would have actually saved time...but it didn't... as everything had to be manipulated and drawn over and reworked to fit with the composition.

So there you go - a small sampling of the Earp digital pencils. I have to say that I had never had my work literally painted over before and being a bit of a control freak it did take a little time to get use to...but as collaborations go...I think it went pretty well. I met up with Kyushik Shin(the colourist/painter) at SDCC and it was great to finally sit down and have a chat. Great guy and very talented to boot. His website is here: Check it out!

I also finally met with my editor Renae Geerlings. The best looking editor in comics perhaps!? (I may expect a cyber-slap for that comment...) She was fantastic to work with - and did you know that she was married to Eric Bana? He played the part of Hector in that Troy movie - the one that kicked the ass of Tyler Mane...

You can check out Renae at: interviewing none other than Paul Dini.

OK I'm done.

Earp Saint for Sinners is © Radical Publishing

SDCC 2011

Just got back yesterday from another visit to the San Diego. This will have been my 4th time attending.

What did I get up to?

Well for the most part I just wandered aimlessly...
I did manage to chat briefly with the likes of David Lloyd, John Higgins, Mark Wheatley,Richard Starkings, Geoff Darrow ,Tharg (Matt Smith) and the one and only: Jordi Bernet(albeit through a translator). I also hooked up with an old art college mate: David Rabbitte, who was selling his wares...

At a restaurant I slipped our waitress twenty bucks to pass off a UXB comic to Grant Morrison who was sitting a few tables away from us.

Completely shameless! He probably used it as a coaster.

I was not surprised at all to see Slave Leia wandering around the con... however, I did not expect this:

Lot of sweaty nerds around that booth ...

2000AD represents!

...and finally- a little something for the ladies.

-and before you ask... No. That is not me.