Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Relaxation Podcast with Matt Berry

Not a big fan of relaxation therapy; I always end up really agitated by the fact that I am supposed to actually lie still and do NOTHING. Expected to look at a white ceiling for an hour will just slowly make me very, very angry. The fact that I have a stain* on my bedroom ceiling that strangely resembles the face of a rather young Phil Collins doesn't help matters much either ... and believe me, having those beady little drummer boy eyes staring down at you for a prolonged period of time would make anybody angry! (Or possibly suicidal depending on your state of mind.)

Of course I could just close my eyes

..but I just don't trust that little bald headed bastard...take your eyes off him for a minute and he may start bloody singing!

In saying that, take a listen to the soothing dulcet tones of Matt Berry's podcast. You may feel strangely refreshed by the end :

More here:

*Please note: Not wank-stain...I spilled tea up on the ceiling.

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Joe Ackerman said...

man's a fucking God.