Thursday, March 31, 2011


It would be really remiss of me not to share this one with you. The artist is Yumiko Sasakawa(her full email below):

Hi Friends!

I am raising funds for Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami relief and was needing some friend-power to help me along.

I drew a picture for Japan and have been getting requests for prints, and it has now turned into a fundraising effort. The Financial Literacy Counsel Inc ( has so kindly donated me funds to pay for my printing costs so that 100% of all donations can go towards the Red Cross.
I was hoping you could share my print and pass along the info to your friends and family, via word of mouth or social media.

Nippon Makeruna! (Japan, Don't Give Up!) print
8.5 x 7.5" digital print, 12 pt cardstock, coated on one side, packaged in a plastic sleeve
$10 minimum donation
100% of all donations will go to the Red Cross

People can purchase through my Etsy store at
or email me directly at

If you or your group of friends are interested in a print, and would like to meet up with me to save on shipping fees, or you would like a batch of prints to sell amongst your friends, please let me know and we can work something out too :)

Thanks so much for your help and care for Japan!

ps: I will be at this event tomorrow, selling prints, if you are interested:

Monday, March 21, 2011


And there she is:
Will add the dial tomorrow and upload.


I decided to remove Das's hand from Rifter's shoulder in the final panel. I thought in retrospect that it was a little too "touchy/ feely" for these characters .

It's now up on UXBCOMIC.

Update 03/04/11: Revised the colours on this one so it is more in line with 36. Also the sky colour in retrospect wasn't really was too similar to Rifter's colours; he pops a little more now...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Page 35 update

That update to the previous UXB post took a little longer than expected. I'm afraid other stuff got in the way of it's completion. It's tough with UXB- it really is a labor of love. There's no money involved, no co-creator to banter with over story issues or bitch with over the artwork, no editor on my back to help motivate me towards deadlines...

Just me.

I'm not complaining, just a late night ponder.

...and it is now 4AM. I must be mad! I gotta take my son to the Paddy's Parade tomorrow - F#*KING HELL!!!!!! BED NOW!!!

Oh yeah and this page should be complete for tomorrow!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Process UXB

I'm a little behind on the latest page for UXB. It's almost there...will try and finish it off tomorrow.

Until I get it completed, here's some images of the latest page in progress (Well to be more precise: the first panel)

1) Really rough doodle, basically just working up the composition and the rough posing.

2) Rough penciling. I usually skip this stage and just go straight into the inking stage, however sometimes it nice to have something a little more to work with...

3) Rough inks. I mentioned in a previous post that my inking technique is quite organic, as it's digital inking I can play around with the image until I get it to where I want it to be. Still a bit more to do to this one. The hands aren't finished and it certainly needs a little fine tuning- it's also minus the BG.
I'll update when complete.


Hello there!

Apparently I messed up my settings on the blog and it was off-line for a bit.

Here's another couple of Earp from issue 3. I decided to add some grayscale to the work to add a little more depth. I was quite happy with how they turned out. The pages don't give too much away, so should be OK to post.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Earp 2

As Earp 2 is out tomorrow I thought it would be a good time to share some of the pencils with you:

Update: Here is the top page coloured by Kyushik Skin. Looks pretty damn nifty !