Friday, March 18, 2011

Doré was way ahead of his time.

I don't think even Blake had visions to match this:


cerebus660 said...

Yeah, but at least Blake dreamed in colour ;-)

joe bloke said...

beautiful. I have a HUGE hardbacked copy of The Apocrypha that was given to me by a great friend, Brother Ronnie - a hard-drinking chain-smoking priest-in-training ( I shit ye not: I once saw him one-punch knock out a bloke in the pub who was trying it on with a sixteen year old girl, the geezer was tough as nails ) - way back in my teens, which to this day astonishes me every time I look at it. great stuff, Colin, great stuff.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! That ghost of Jesus is good and busted!


Lubbert Das said...

Yeah Cerebus and he could get some good rhyming going too;)

Paradise Lost and The Divine Comedy still stand out for me Joe. I believe they were the first of his works that I happened to come across.

Hey Jonny. Loving your site...

I should also say I couldn't find the "artist" for this piece, that's why there is not link included. Just in case you were thinking it my own image manipulative genius that put it together.

Maybe it was Max Ernst- he liked a bit of that didn't he...?