Sunday, March 20, 2011

Page 35 update

That update to the previous UXB post took a little longer than expected. I'm afraid other stuff got in the way of it's completion. It's tough with UXB- it really is a labor of love. There's no money involved, no co-creator to banter with over story issues or bitch with over the artwork, no editor on my back to help motivate me towards deadlines...

Just me.

I'm not complaining, just a late night ponder.

...and it is now 4AM. I must be mad! I gotta take my son to the Paddy's Parade tomorrow - F#*KING HELL!!!!!! BED NOW!!!

Oh yeah and this page should be complete for tomorrow!!


james corcoran said...

Know the feeling, as for no editor on your back I 'll gladly tell you to get a move on there are 8 days in a week after all!

Sweattshop said...

This is a great shot!

Lubbert Das said...

Your HIRED James!

Thanks Sweattshop(worked in a few of those myself...)