Thursday, July 28, 2011


Trying to get my hands on this movie for the longest time...and today I finally
snagged it! A store downtown, going out of business was selling everything with 50% $35 for a hard to find oop DVD ain't too bad.

It also has a commentary with the director Sidney J. Furie and editor Peter Hunt.

Apparently the producer( Harry Saltzman) wanted to fire Furie right at the start of production because he thought his camera choices and style of filming was a little too unusual...thankfully he was kept on mainly due to the editor(Hunt) fighting his corner and explaining to Saltzman how truly brilliant Furie was. This little masterpiece of British cinema certainly would not have been the same without Furie's masterful direction . It's probably worth mentioning that some of those camera choices did come from the fact that Furie was a little pissed up at the time...

If that's the case he must have been blind drunk and in the midst of falling down a long flight of stairs when he directed Superman IV: The Quest for Peace...


Drake said...

The Palmer film i can't find is "Funeral In Berlin". Great films.

joe bloke said...

did you ever see Bullet to Bejing? the one where they brought Palmer back in the mid-'nineties. it was an awful film, but it's got one of my favourite Michael Caine lines in it.

they ( the bad guys ) are about to throw Caine off a moving train, and they ask him if he has any last requests, and he replies, " yeah, can we wait for a slow bit? "

heh. I could do Michael Caine movie lines all day, that shit'll never get old.