Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SDCC 2011

Just got back yesterday from another visit to the San Diego. This will have been my 4th time attending.

What did I get up to?

Well for the most part I just wandered aimlessly...
I did manage to chat briefly with the likes of David Lloyd, John Higgins, Mark Wheatley,Richard Starkings, Geoff Darrow ,Tharg (Matt Smith) and the one and only: Jordi Bernet(albeit through a translator). I also hooked up with an old art college mate: David Rabbitte, who was selling his wares...

At a restaurant I slipped our waitress twenty bucks to pass off a UXB comic to Grant Morrison who was sitting a few tables away from us.

Completely shameless! He probably used it as a coaster.

I was not surprised at all to see Slave Leia wandering around the con... however, I did not expect this:

Lot of sweaty nerds around that booth ...

2000AD represents!

...and finally- a little something for the ladies.

-and before you ask... No. That is not me.

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