Tuesday, September 2, 2008

For God's sake, I should be in bed it's 3:03 in the bloody morning! Why then am I up eating a chicken,stuffing and cranberry sandwich all washed down with a lovely cup'a tea at this time...

I'm back boarding again: not that that is any reason in particular to be doing such late nighters. I personally always tend to lean towards working into the wee hours when I'm freelancing-less distractions.

To pass the time and to feel less alone(Yes-freelancing is a lonely life-)I have been listening to a slew of commentaries from various movies, which is something I never really do. I must admit I'm finding it quite enjoyable.

Over the past few days I have listened to:

The French Connection 2
Commentary by Robert L. Rosen and Gene Hackman.

Malcolm McDowell and film critic David Robinson.

Neil Marshall and some of the cast.

Film Professor Drew Casper.

Shaun of the Dead
Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg.

Just finishing listening to the Pegg/Wright commentary-very funny.

Titbit from Lifeboat: Apparently Tallulah Bankhead didn't wear any underwear during the shoot and when the crew complained of her exhibitionism on set(her climbing into the mock-up of the lifeboat to be exact)Hitchcock never one for confrontation, picked up a crew megaphone and said that the problem lay with either wardrobe or hairdressing.

With all the pearls of wisdom I could have imparted -I give you that. Under the definition of Sophomoric you'll see my little smiling face.

I had hoped to listen to The French Connection commentary with William Friedkin-but I cannot seem to access the bloody thing. It is there in the menu, but when I go to the commentary -on- nothing happens.



galvinator said...

I'm the same man. I start work at around eleven, don't really start to get past action paragraphs with a bit of speed until after sundown. I heard the Lifeboat commentary and the French connection before, brilliant. But check out Lumet's commentary on The Verdict, absolutely f***ing brilliant man. Paul Newman does a bit of it for about two minutes, but you'd nearly forget he'd done it after the film finishes. But Lumet's is one of the best I've come accross.

Anonymous said...

"Why then am I up eating a chicken,stuffing and cranberry sandwich all washed down with a lovely cup'a tea at this time.."

I dont see anything wrong with this Colin, this is the kind of diet you need at 3am to enjoy those commentaries.