Thursday, September 25, 2008

Love this:

Lifted from whokilledBambi (yet again)

This one from

Two sites I visit on a rather regular basis. Douglas Rushkoff is now a guestblogger on boingboing-so yet another reason to check it out.

I'm quite busy at present, with my head in a few different things-so I can see this blog taking a bit of a backseat(not that it takes me much time to steal a few images from the web or upload a video from Youtube -but you know what I mean...) Aw! sure we'll see.

You see I've never been much of a doodler as I have a tendency to take my drawings to a final stage and then some. My doodles are my initial sketches for whatever illustration I may be working on and they are literally scratches on a page so I don't know whether they are truly worth sharing. On top of that a lot of the stuff I'm working on is creator owned comic book stuff and I'm a little reticent to put it on the blog for copyright reasons.In saying that one of my latest will be on the alarmclock website pretty soon -just a few things to iron out before I finally put it up.

Same goes with work related stuff-Can't post due to the non-disclosure agreement. Although for the next gig, I will be supervising so I would have little to put up anyway.

So yeah, hence the rather eclectic posts covering everything from Chuck Norris to Jesse Helms.


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