Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Mighty B

Having a young son gives me an excuse to watch the latest Saturday morning cartoon offerings: Ben 10, The Batman, SpongeBob, Spiderman, Kim Possible et al. Usually the shows are a minor distraction and nothing really ever jumps out at me- OK except for SpongeBob, I always get a kick out of that show.

I have to say Nickelodeon's The Mighty B made me sit up and pay attention. Funny as hell and brilliantly voiced(and produced)by Amy Poehler of SNL. In fact it's a little reminiscent in style of John K's Ren and Stimpy.

If only all cartoons could aspire to this level.

Don't miss it.

1 comment:

galvinator said...

great show that, always thought amy poehler was a bit of a roide!