Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Van Helsing

Here is a couple more images. The first couple of designs are from another creator owned project and the second is a design is a pitch for the Van Helsing game I did some years ago with a gaming company here in Vancouver. At the time the movie was just in early script stage so we did not have much to go on.

When I heard they where making a movie based on the actual character I was ecstatic, I mean what a great vehicle for a movie. I didn't even mind the fact that they were apparently making him younger and having him fight a plethora of various mythical monsters.

I'm a huge horror fan and have a real fondness for the old Hammer stuff: In fact I'm sure my first brush with Dracula would have been the Terence Fisher 1958 movie rather than the Stoker book, so Peter Cushing for me became the very embodiment of the character Van Helsing.

Anyway whatever, I was on board...

Then came the movie.

Everything good about the character(and the monsters he fought for that matter...) was completely whitewashed with the gloss of special effects, blockbuster action and an incredibly bad script. God! That was a painful two hours.

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Anonymous said...

I think the film had huge potential and it was a shame it failed in many ways but I did like the Vampire chicks