Friday, June 20, 2008

I,like y'know whatta mean like...?

In a travel agency today and the rather helpful agent commented on my accent, and how strong it was. This was quite a pleasant surprise as most people will say that I have completely lost it and sound more like a Canadian: not that I have anything against sounding like a Canadian, but in some ways it feels like I am betraying or trying to deny in some bizarre way my beloved homeland by not retaining the traditional Norn Iron dialect. Sniff...

Personally I've never really thought that I had lost the accent myself but the more you hear it the more you start to believe it. I mean I don't sound like Van Morrison (no comments pls about-yeah but your sure starting to look like him-they will be deleted) or Eamonn Holmes(thank god!) I`m sure it has softened over the years but the accent is still there.

Of course the travel agent may just have a more learned ear, as having traveled she may be able pick up the subtle nuances of my accent whereas the casual listener may not.

Or the fact that I was actually inquiring about flights to Belfast may have got her spidey senses tingling somewhat.

I'm speculating.

I do know Irish guys and some Scottish who deliberately over-excentuate their accent in order(or in hope) to impress the ladies...but that's another story.


Declan Shalvey said...

Hey Colin, thanks for posting a comment on my blog. That's a bloody great panel!
How long have you been in Canada? I've lived in Scotland for about a year now and i recently heard my voice and i think i sounded ridiculously 'irish'; i never realised my accent was so strong!


Lubbert Das said...

I'm into my ninth year over here now Dec.

Anonymous said...

You sound fine Colin,your accent is fine blend of 85% Irish and 15% Canadian!