Monday, June 2, 2008

"If something isn`t saved then what`s it all for?"- Sydney Pollack

I have been meaning to get into this blog lark for quite a while, but could never really think of a good introductionary post: you know something profound that would make the reader sit up and pay attention -god this guy has really something to say- type of thing. Having heard about Sydney Pollack's death a few days ago I remember reading a quote of his somewhere and felt that it would be a rather apt heading to my first entry into this blogging world. I've always believed in the romantic notion of leaving something behind, a creative footprint that others may get something out of long after I've left this mortal coil (Preferably they could enjoy my work while I'm around and I could reap some financial rewards from the fact-but I've just quoted a dead guy so forgive me for staying on this rather sombre tract)Whether that something is a Plan 9 or a 2001 shouldn't really matter it's just the fact of having had a voice and imparted it in some shape or form. I guess that's what blogging is for the most part -a diary of sorts- a record of blab, and god to I do like to blab.

So yeah, hence the Sydney Pollack quote.

I hope to post general thoughts and observations and even the odd bit of art (once I figure out how to do so) on a regular basis so bear with me. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

So anyway -my first blog- there it is.


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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! Looking forward to seeing your works and stuff!