Monday, June 16, 2008

The train has entered the station...

Finally an image.

It's not finished, needs to be touched up quite a bit, coloured too- but it's a start.

This is one of the first sample pages of a new science fiction story that I am working on (this sequence is part of a flashback) I am a little paranoid about putting my work up on the blog due to the whole copyright thing, but in reality this page really doesn't give away any major plot line or main character designs-so I should be alright. It's actually quite a bland first image to post now I look at it.

I am also working on my company website-Alarmclock Productions- which should be up and running in a few months (It`s been a long time coming, believe me...) So a lot of the new comic stuff should be on that.


Update: so bland I took it down.

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Anonymous said...

I dont blame you for being paranoid about copyright issues but in my case if I see any of my stuff elsewhere I'd probably tickled pink that someone would choose anything I did for their own profit....then I'd sue their ass! Seriously though, is this story of yours copyrighted under the Alarm Clock name or do you have to do that separately? I would not put anything up you intend to eventually publish without the copyright issue sorted out, my 2 cents...