Monday, June 30, 2008

On a steel horse I ride.

Got on my bike for the first time in 5yrs today and after pumping up the tyres and giving it a good once over and a wash it was surprisingly still in good working order and ready for my fat ass to be plonked on the saddle. My son got a bike for his birthday so I decided to do the father, son thing and spend some quality time with him and what better way than to ride our steel horses together across the plains of Canada (actually we went to his school playground and rode in circles around the basketball court...)We ended up pretending to be Judges on our Law-masters, he was Judge Joyce and of course I was Judge Dredd. We ended up arresting some old lady and a snot-nosed kid in a pram for noise disturbance and then proceeded to blow stuff up with our bike-canons just for the hell of it!

Going to dinner tonight
I came across this place through one of my nature treks along the seawall as mentioned in a previous post. It is in an amazing spot, the view is just incredible! Hopefully the food will be something special also...

Update: Food was below average, service was horrendous and it was all a bit crap really. Guess you really are just paying for the view after all.

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