Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I live literally a five minute walk away from the beach and I almost never spend any time there at all, so today after dropping my son Olin off to school I decided to take a morning stroll.

The Area is called English Bay and it is located downtown West Vancouver. Walking along the sea-wall(as it is known) will take you all the way to Stanley Park(a sprawling forest, and another major tourist attraction) passing various other beaches along the way. Of course I didn't walk that far... like I said a morning stroll not a bloody exercise fest! I just went down to remind myself that...well, number 1) I need to get out more and 2) I am at present living in a pretty fantastic spot.

Every time I'm there I do the obligatory slow, drawn out almost stupified exhale of breath, as I immerse myself in the complete awe of my surroundings. I even sometimes momentarily go into my Grizzley Adams mode, imagining myself building a wooden homestead, fighting off dangerous predators and growing my beard with no subsequent trimming -ever again! In fact just embracing the wonderment of nature in all its wide-eyed glory.

So there I am standing like Tom Jones at the end of Mars Attacks with various wildlife gravitating towards me, sparrows settling on my shoulders, tweeting their ageless song of life, ducks waddling up raising their slightly elongated necks to gaze in my direction with a I'm totally getting you soul brother look in their little ducky eyes and a bunch of little squirrels scampering up my trouser legs to feed off some of the good vibes I was obviously sending out.

Bills,work,deadlines: the stress of everyday life was just falling away and everything was good with the world.

"Get the fuck out of my way asshole!"

That quickly brought me out of my reverie as I had apparently stepped into a bike lane and a passing cyclist had swerved to avoid me.

"Take it to the Hague, you bike riding lane infesting fit person you!" I retorted.

Well I didn't actually it was more in the Gareth Hunt or a right James Blunt area of comebacks if you get my drift?

So soon after I regained my Zen state and then headed home to happily find a parcel my dear old mum had posted me containing a 2000AD comic amongst other things. It's always the little things eh?

I'm going to try and make that stroll to English Bay an everyday occurrence as I think I could do with a little more relaxation in my life.

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