Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Prawn = DS

Yesterday whilst working my way through a small bowl of prawns, I decided to dare my son to eat one!

You see, he is an incredibly fussy eater and asking him to eat a prawn would be like asking Paul McCartney to eat an artificial leg of lamb or Paris Hilton to lick the shit from her little chiwawa's asshole! Well unless her other chiwawa had a camera and was filming the action...then, who knows!?

Fact is, I'm always trying to get my son to try new dishes so he has a more varied and balanced diet, instead of just being limited to cheese toasties and chicken strips with fries! I did it once before with a cucumber sushi roll and to my amazement he actually ate it and in doing so,decided that he quite liked it. The bet at that time was for ten bucks!

So I tried the same thing with the prawn:

"Ten bucks"

No response.

"Twenty bucks"


"Fifty bucks"

Slight eyebrow raise.

"OK, one hundred bucks!"

Not even a sigh passed by his lips...

I realized that I had to up the ante somewhat so I said that I would buy him the latest Nintendo DS!

This time I detected a little bit of motion as he shuffled in his seat obviously pondering the proposition. He then lifted his eyes from the Calvin and Hobbes book that was sat within his lap and said:


As he motioned towards the bowl of prawns I figured there was no way on earth he was going to go through with it. He would pick up the strange food object, smell it, poke it with his finger and then immediately put it back down again...

Imagine my complete and utter surprise when he placed it in his mouth.

"It's not too bad!" he said.

And then he started to chew very, very slowly, with a couple of intermittent `gag reflexes` for added effect.

Finally with his little eyes watering up and his face turning slightly red he swallowed!

"DS please dad!"

"Nah! I had my fingers crossed, look..."

And as he fell to the floor weeping his little heart out I smiled and nodded self satisfied in the knowledge that a good day's parenting had once again been done.

1) Got him to try a new dish!
2) Taught him that doing something solely for monetary gain is wrong!
3) His dad is still a crafty bastard!

May God bless me and continue to guide and shine his light of wisdom upon me...

Oh come on! Of course I'm getting him his DS! You people would believe anything...


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! You are so vile!

Me too. I attempted the 'Birds & Bees' talk with my son the other day. By the time I'd finished he was on the floor screaming with embarrassment & begging me to stop.

Lol...I don't think it went so well

Joe Bloke said...

hell, no. DS be damned. I'd've sat on him and plungered the whole bowl down his nanny goat, all the while laughing and singing, " I'm the grown-up, me!!!! "

and people wonder why I don't have kids. . .

WJC said...

Mine had all my prawns first chance he got. Swine.

Scaramanga said...

In other words, you gave in!! HAHA.

Very good my dad wasnt a crafty bastard at all...just a bastard.

Of course I jest as well. My dads a living legend.


Lubbert Das said...

Yeah there was a bit of a catch to the deal though as he will not be getting the DS until his birthday in June!

And as I was obviously intending to get him a birthday present anyway ...


Of course now instead of an apple,an orange and a bag of second hand marbles; I have to dig a little deeper into my pocket...