Friday, April 3, 2009

Paradise Lost.

While watching the documentary 'Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills' I sketched up the the 'alleged' perpetrators of the crime; Jessie Miskelly, Jason Baldwin and Damian Wayne Echols.

From IMDB: Berlinger and Sinofsky's documentary of a gruesome triple murder in West Memphis, Arkansas and the subsequent trials of three suspects, takes a hard look at both the occult and the American justice system in 'small-town' America. Three teenagers are accused of this horrific crime of killing three children, supposedly as a result of involvement in Satanism. As in their previous documentary, things turn out to be more complex than initial appearances and this film presents the real-life courtroom drama to the viewer, as it unfolds.

The kids themselves should never have been convicted as there was no evidence whatsoever to connect them to the crime. They did however happen to like Metallica, be in the possession of an Aleister Crowley book and wear black, which believe it or not actually helped to cement the case for the prosecution; well that, and the town gossip. I mean talk about "spectral evidence!"


Quite honestly at times it felt like I was watching a reenactment of the Salem Witch trails.

I am almost embarrassed to say that I had never heard of this crime or documentary until a friend at work told me about it. Apparently Metallica and other high profile acts have even held some fundraiser gigs over the years to help raise money and awareness.


Anonymous said...

Fuck...if you applied that criteria to my L6s...they'd all be banged up.

And...I'd obviously be on death row.

Do you remember when Iron Maiden did The Number of the Beast Tour? People actually picketed in my town even though Brucey turned out to be the biggest Christian this side of Mrs Phelps' afterbirth.

Didn't see the Documentry. Haven't had a TV in the house in over 3years.

BTW...totally fab pic. Makes me want to stab you (gently) with a 3B pencil out of sheer jealousy ;)

BTW2...the Lady Chapel story. It's true. Even down to the 'Mmmfph!'

lu said...
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Lubbert Das said...

Yeah... I think we would be facing the needle together!

I would have picketed Iron Maiden too, but it would have been on the basis of them being...well, 'crap'!

Oh, and you can stab me gently anytime Fluff! Just make sure it's a 2B!


Lubbert Das said...

Yeah I agree to some extent Lu. We all know about how the media can manipulate and how anything portrayed through a lens can never truly be seen as a factual account as in the end a director can quite easily contrive a certain viewpoint through the choice of music, lack of context and some clever editing. Just look at Michael Moore or for that matter just about anything CNN puts out!

Though quite honestly; even if these kid's did happen to be guilty,there was literally no discernible evidence to prove it. Therefore the case should have been kicked out of court! Instead we had a sideshow scenario whereby three kids were vilified for the clothes, books and music that they happened to like.

Again I read up on the case a little after having seen the documentary and now even more so I am convinced that these kids(well,now men) did not commit the crime.

joe bloke said...

I know nothing about the case. well, I do NOW, obviously, but I didn't before. and, sadly, I'm not as suprised as I probably should be.

that's a pretty cracking picture, though, mate.

lu said...

Note to Lu's self ~ never blog comment after attempting to drink away the memory of a bad date. Not pretty.
But you, my friend... such a diplomat.

Anonymous said...

Cor...thank you God...someone else who has dating disasters!

Sorry matey...only got a 3B. You'd better stand still cause I'm also a bit pissed & my aim's a bit off. As the bastard I just went out for a drink with will tell you.

That's after he's stopped screaming :)


thebonebreaker said...

Make sure that you see the 2nd film as well, and I have heard that a 3rd is in the works. . .