Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I bought an album some years back called 'Yes New York' which was an album whose name borrowed from the similar 1978 Brian Eno-curated disc 'No New York.' The album contained 16 tracks from artists at the forefront of the then current New York indie scene.

This album was my first introduction to Interpol(Yeah I know they sound like Joy Division, but for me that was yet another reason to like them!) One track in particular from this album was the song 'Year to be hated' by a band called 'Unitard' which just completely floored me!

I had not realized that Unitard (never go full tard!) was actually the original name of the band 'Yeah Yeah Yeah's!' I had bought their first album 'Fever to Tell' which I thought was fantastic, but I had no idea of their connection to Unitard!

Anyway; now I do!

I couldn't find a decent version of 'Year to be hated'(now renamed 'Our time') so here is a few other YYY's tracks for your listening pleasure (God! listen to me- what am I now a f*#king DJ!?)

God I love Karen O!


Anonymous said...

Yeah...& now, so do I. Hmmmm...if only to find out where she bought that dress.

Anyway...I've dragged my arse over here to say...

Look, I've killed the dastardly Fluffybot, alright? And...I'm sorry I didn't post your comment for days & days & days. It was a mistake...& besides, I was jollying it up in the arms of some nameless two dollar hunk with no brain but very interesting etchings. that last bit's not true. But it could've been. Yeah...if I wasn't so picky & maybe looked a little less like my favourite game is, 'How many men's nuts can I ram onto one 5" stiletto heel before I need to think about changing my footwear?' ego's just not the same without you skulking around in my bushes & sniffing my laundry. Come back!

lu said...

Unitard ... it's just one of those words you have to say more than once.

I'm glad they changed it to Yeah, yeah, yeah.