Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rick Astley

Never thought I would ever type those words for the head of post. A name that quite literally when mentioned would set my eye twitching and start the onset of a rather severe gag reflex! That "song" remained at the top of the UK pop charts for what felt like 3 years and no matter where you went, it would always be playing as if it was on some kind of demonic loop. It drove me crazy! It got to the point that my hatred of it took precedence over more deserving irritants and ass-holes such as pro-lifers, fox hunting and mimes.

There seems to be a bit of a resurgence going on with the guy, as I have heard the song five times in the past two weeks. It took all I could muster in my lunchtime Subway joint when it came on not to ask the person behind the counter to "Please turn that shit off!" Maybe I have just been lucky over the intervening years since it came out, my 'good taste, musical guardian angel' protecting me from the evil bastard sounds of the "Waterman" and those other two talentless hack producers.

Anyway I came across this:Rick Astley Conspiracy on the rather excellent newly discovered Diary Of Fools.Com.

I apologize in advance for sending you to this post, but it is strangely worth it...

Prepare to be amazed.

Or not. Whatever...


Ugly Angie said...

I think, Lubbert, you probably identify with Rick in some way...and this identification is so soul-baring, you hate the vulnerability, the exposre to your true you displace this anger on poor Rick...
"oooooh...never gonna give, never gonna give,..."

Darius Whiteplume said...

@ Angie. I never thought you could be so mean :-)

@ all. That song seems to stay around a lot in the states. I hear it way too much/often.

Anonymous said...

You did that on purpose didn't you? Now I can't get it out of my head either.

Cursed! I've been cursed by my own mate!

BTW....I think I maybe should've got Angie to sit my Psyc exams for me. Might have ended up with a first ;)

You be safe!

Lubbert Das said...

Not me Angie, but you could be right about Lubbert!

Lubbert Das said...

When you say " Be safe" Fluff, I always hear "Rubber up" in the back of my head!

Fault of my damned liberal parents I guess.

blaine_fridley said...

hey -

thanks for the link and the kind words. glad you dig what we're doing.

hopefully, you're never gonna give us up,

the DoF crew

Anonymous said...'s not the fault of your parents. It's because you're a perv! ;)

Rubber up, CL! ;p

Lubbert Das said...

Hey Blaine,
Your very welcome-

Fluff, between yourself and Angie- I feel like I'm on the couch!
My parents were as far removed from liberal as you could get!

Be safe and remember to rubber up people! Sex can kill.

Ugly Angie said...

What the hell is going on over here!? Me and Fluff and you and a couch? When did that happen? I think I would remember that? Did you put a roofie in my lager?

Lubbert Das said...

Now who's projecting...!?