Sunday, February 22, 2009

The original Lubbert Das:

Well that's not really true. I took the name from the Hieronymus Bosch painting: The Extraction of the Stone of Madness(The Cure of Folly) The inscription on the painting reads,"Meester snyt die Keye ras - myne name is lubbert das" (Master, cut away the stone – my name is Lubbert Das). Lubbert Das was a comical (foolish) character in Dutch literature.

Pretty apt eh?

I have always loved the name and the idea behind so I gave it to one of my subsidiary comic book characters many years ago, seen above at the top of the post.

His character bio was:
Lubbert Das is a Librarian who is said to dabble in the Black Arts. Highly intellectual. English/German descent. Certain books housed within his library are said to contain gateways to other worlds.

You could say he was a bit of a homage to Ditko's Dr Strange. But he was based more-so on the Maurice Denham character of Professor Henry Harrington from one of my all time favourite movies Night of the Demon. That's him to the left in the pic below:

Don't be fooled by his timid appearance. That man is pure evil, with the power to have you sodomized repeatably by an unstoppable fifty foot demon monster with big horns and a furry back.

It is a fantastic movie, which is actually available in its entirety on You Tube!

That reminds me, I will really have to get that comic book into gear- lazy bastard that I am!

Anyway now you know the reasons behind the title of this blog. Exciting stuff eh?



Ugly Angie said...

I like him...I like him a lot (yeah, you are supposed to hear Robert Smith when I say this)

The Igloo Keeper... said...

I love Night of the Demon - i've reviewed it somewhere on my blog - and Prof. Henry Harrington is a marvellous character. Especially dressed as a clown.

I recently read someone's opinion that far from being this controlling evil-doer, Prof Harrington is actually terrified (but doesn't show it)himself throughout the film. I watched it with those thoughts in mind, and it does add an interesting dimension...

Lubbert Das said...

No, that's a fair comment Igloo.

There is a point in the movie that Harrington mentions to his mother that they had to be ever so careful as his power came at a great price(or words to that effect) And he does seem at times throughout the movie somewhat ill at else- knowing that he has made a grave mistake, but that he is too late to do anything about it.

Great understated performance by Maurice Denham.

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool said...

I just saw that movie on satellite and for a black and white British thriller its remarkably effective. As a kid that Demon would scare the hell out of me.