Thursday, October 15, 2009


Two months later...

Here are some of my Stanley Hotel pics for your viewing pleasure. I should mention that you may find some of these images rather disturbing...

You have been warned...

That's the hotel.

Flag blowing in wind.

Leather armchair(s)


Stupid guy in blue T-shirt, not only deciding to get into my shot, but looking at me while he walks! Idiot!


Car. Apparently it runs on water. Genius!


Balls. They say they move by themselves.

Tables and chairs. All dolled up posh looking because there is probably yet another wedding taking place. So I can look forward to the house band playing "Wind beneath my fu#cking wings" ...AGAIN.

Back of the gaff.

Kubrick letter. That is also my first experience of an orb. No! It is not a camera flash!

Miniature house where seventeen dead dwarfs all reside. One of them is called Chris.


Entrance to the bell tower. I swear I would slap that kid so hard and ram that crayon so far...

Table and chairs sat against a wall at the end of a corridor.

Another corridor.


Music room. Orbs.

Billiard room. Orbs.

Dust my ass.

Same room.

Purple orb; this one appears to be wearing glasses and smiling.

This one appears to be wearing glasses and smiling.

Fuzzy orb.

Saved the best for last: My only encounter with "Nobby the ghost." He's a cheeky one that Nobby, pissed in my ear he did.


joe bloke said...

you're making this up as you go along, aren't you?

B-Movie Becky said...

Cool pictures...thanks for the warning, cause that was shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Jonathan the Zombie said...

I am really fwiggin jealous.

Angie said...

Tony thinks these pictures are really cool...

Lubbert Das said...

Glad you liked the pics. Joe, when have I ever made anything up?

All kidding aside, the trip was fantastic and I couldn't recommend the Stanley Hotel any higher.