Friday, October 9, 2009

The Legend

When passing by the company Lululemon Athletica on my way to work this morning there seemed to be a lot of activity going on, which I had thought was due to perhaps an outdoor party to celebrate another line of their fantastic sports wear: A self replenishing yogurt hat perhaps or a line of sports wear for dwarf athletes?

So anyway, I didn't pay it too much attention and continued into work.

Then at around noon my fellow co-worker Johnny arrived and informed me that I should go up to the roof because someone of major stature was across the way at Lululemon (He didn't actually announce it quite like that, I'm just playing it up for added drama...)

So when I got to the roof, this is what I could see:

Centre stage a lone figure sat as the audience stood around clapping and cheering.

And that person happened to be MUHAMMAD ALI!!!!!

The pic below is probably a better choice(But believe me in 1976 that toy was one of my most prized possessions!)

So yeah...


Apparently he is in town for a screening of the new film Facing Ali at the Vancouver Film Festival.

To be in the man's presence, if only at a distance is still quite a nice way to start the weekend!


Jonathan the Zombie said...

I love that feeling of being around greatness.
Why didn't you join the line to get his autograph?

wiec? said...

wow! that's a pretty cool celebrity to have in your vecinity.

Lubbert Das said...

Sadly Johnathan it was just for the Lulu crowd. Although to be honest, I didn't mind viewing it from a distance as there was more than enough hungry hands around the man...