Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shara Worden

I quite seriously should never have sold that second set of Decemberists tickets, as it was without a doubt one of the best concerts I have ever been to (possibly even pushing seeing the 'Weddies' in 88 into second place; and that, coming from me... is really saying something!)

One of the reasons it was so good was partly down to this lady:

The fantastic Shara Worden!

When this woman took the stage the audience just erupted! A guitar playing rock goddess with a stage presence and a voice that would have an opera singer cringing in the corner and whimpering like a fat baby; powerful with an almost ethereal quality that just forces you to sit up and pay attention.

'Nina Simone meets PJ Harvey while shoving Kate Bush outta the way to kick Tori Amos in the stomach while trying desperately to resuscitate Beth Gibbons' type of thing!

I was personally completely captivated by her.

Shara Worden is in a band called My Brightest Diamond and coincidentally enough the other guest female lead vocalist(Becky Stark)is in a band called Lavender Diamond.

Go figure...

She's the one to the far left of pic...

The Decemberists should really consider making these two part of their "permanent" line up.

Seriously Meloy...

Just do it!!

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