Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yesterday's Tomorrows.

Finally someone has collected up Rian Hughes comic work and gave it the hardback treatment it so richly deserves. The book is: Yesterday's Tomorrows.

Included in the book is the Dan Dare strip, originally published in Revolver and subsequently, Crisis. It is quite a while since I had read it(early nineties to be precise)and even though I actually remember liking Morrison's take on the character- it was the art that was the true star.

This was pre-photoshop/illustrator and yet Hughes art looks as if it was freshly digitized on a Mac. Rather than trying to emulate the classical style of Hampson, Hughes clean line, retro/fifties style still, quite strangely, sits comfortably within the Dare universe.
This is probably due to the sheer beauty of Hughes art and design, which in itself retains some of the clinical elegance(at least in tone)of the original.

Strongly recommended.

*Looks like this was released in June of last year...but hey it's new to me!

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joe bloke said...

I was looking at this the other day in my local comic shop. it's very high on the temptation list. . .