Tuesday, November 11, 2008

War is Hell!

Another quick sketch on the cintiq of Sgt Rock. Not the greatest but I thought I would post anyway.

My son has become a bit of a fan of Easy Company since browsing through my Azzarello/Kubert's Between Hell and a Hard Place. Since then he has picked up
the Showcase edition Sgt Rock, The Unknown Soldier and is also collecting
Wildstorm's Storming Paradise.

He was very interested in War Stories by Garth Ennis, but being only ten years of age - I had to draw the line. So as a compromise I gave him Veitch's Army@Love instead.

I kid, I kid.......!!

At least with Sgt Rock, he is being exposed to some fine comic art with the great Joe Kubert.

Hopefully he'll progress at some point onto Charley's War.

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Anonymous said...

Nice strong image of the Sarge!
Man, I want a cintiq now!