Saturday, November 1, 2008


The great thing about North America is the obvious love they have for everything Halloween. I took my son Trick n' Treating last night and the effort that was put into some of the exterior house displays was just fantastic, so much so that my son blatantly refused to enter some of them as he deemed them to be "Way too Scary!"

Tonight I went to Fright Night at Playland here in Vancouver. It wasn't the complete scare fest that I had hoped for (in reality it was just the usual rides re-dressed with a few skeleton heads and cobwebs added for effect) but it did have some really excellent horror displays and a few good haunted house set ups.

I loved this Diner display...

Eyeballs and fingers - tasty!

I also took The Final Ride, which basically consisted of lying down in a closed coffin as some Hammer House of Horror type dialogue was piped in:

"This one is rather portly, the sooner we get him down the hole the better."

Cheeky bastards!

Then the coffin would wobble and lurch side to side as I was was supposedly lowered( more-so dropped) into the grave. It was kinda crap to be honest, but seemed like a rather fitting end to the night.

Happy Halloween!


Dane said...

Wow, they went to a lot of effort with the set dressing. I'd have had to take the Final Ride too. Too bad it wasn't all that.

Happy Halloween (belatedly)!

Anonymous said...

Well I haven't taken the final ride yet. No. I'm still waiting for him to turn up!

Thanks for dropping by. You have some excellent stuff on your site :)