Friday, January 6, 2012

Kill List

I didn't expect much of this movie and actually just stuck it on as background noise as I was working. Now having watched it three times (that's a rarity for me nowadays...) I would have to say it is one of the best horror movies I have seen in years! My hat is off to the director Ben Wheatley for delivering a movie that quite literally floored me.

I won't say anymore than that- highly recommended!

I also just heard about this:

A sequel to The Wicker Man...with Robin Hardy as writer /director- say it ain't so....!!!

The Wicker Man is one of my all time favourite movies- along with Night of the Demon and Village of the Damned ...and of course If, O Lucky Man, Through a Glass Darkly( Okay- don't get me started on my top movies or this will be a very long post)

...did I mention On the Buses?

Anyhow- looks interesting. I'll certainly be checking it out....


joe bloke said...

I'm gonna say this just the once. I need to get it out there. I don't get the Wicker Man. at all. I've seen it loads of times, and it does nothing for me. I know I'm missing out on something.

Night of the Demon, on the other hand, is the bollocks. I love that film.

Lubbert Das said...

Britt Ekland with a dubbed Scottish accent...