Friday, January 6, 2012


Break is a movie written, directed and, edited by Becky and Nick Sayers.

Reunited for the weekend, a group of friends are driven to violence when an unknown force seems to bring out the worst in them. Who will be the first to break?

I was sent a screener version of this movie some time ago and think it's about time I got my ass into gear and wrote a review.

The movie itself is reminiscent of old-school fare; early Raimi, Argento and Romero I feel would be a fair comparison. Comparisons could also be made to the movies The Signal and The Crazies but Break takes a much different direction once it gets going.

What struck me most was how well it was directed. It has a hand-held feel, almost documentary style and the constant motion of the camera only helps to add to the general feeling of unease that the movie is obviously trying to purport. The almost jump cut style of editing plays well too and they really know how to frame a shot and keep the story moving forward. The art direction in places is excellent; the use of colour to help imply a mood or scene change is clever and used to great effect.

The acting is quite good; serviceable in some areas whilst more effective in others. The scenes with Jonathan Bruno (Hector)and Melissa Fisher(Angela) in particular played very well- the confined one room set with only two actors to deal with seemed to help focus the director(s) both in story and visual and it's here where the film really shines. Bruno has a genuine screen presence and his rather calm demeanor, delivering his lines in an almost somnambulistic state only helped add to the creep factor. I wouldn't be surprised if we see this guy Bruno in a few years having been caught for some nefarious dirty deeds of his own....drowning dwarfs or experimenting on his own rat-chickens!

My only criticism would be that could do with another edit pass- I felt some sequences were a little on the long side and could be tightened up somewhat.

There is without a doubt some real talent involved here and that coupled with their obvious passion for the craft - it can only be onwards and upwards!

I look forward to their next venture.

It's not easy when your self financing while also trying to manage every aspect of the process along the way when trying to get something like this to final. It takes courage and great perseverance so I would urge you to get over to Becky's blog and give her your support.

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B-Movie Becky said...

Thanks so much for the kind words Colin! I appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. I had to chuckle about the comments about Hector/Jon Bruno. :)