Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is a UXB page from a section of the comic that I decided to revise. It had some narration from Das over the top, explaining the functionality of the suits- however, in reading through it and with moving into the next issue it just didn't seem to be flowing as well as I had originally thought. So I've replaced it with some imagery that seems a little more apt...

I'm sure I'll find a place for it further down the line. God! Who am I kidding!? It'll probably end up being the opening to issue 3.

Reuse and recycle that's my motto.

Other news: I have decided to put the comic online and update it every week by adding a new page; similar to what Cameron Stuart does with his brilliant Sin Titulo, or even closer to home... the Fractal Friction guys.

Should be up and running by Sep 15th.


asevy said...

I love the first panel (the others as well, but the first especially), it's got such a solid feel. Silhouette can be so unclear sometimes, but this is crisp. I especially like the white laces and weaves in the cloth with the two figures in the back. I dig it.

Lubbert Das said...

Thanks Adam.