Thursday, September 16, 2010

Comic Heroes and new UXB website.

Jes Bickham, the editor of Comic Heroes very kindly agreed to run a six page preview of UXB in the Sidekick preview comic that comes as a bonus with issue 3. I believe it hits the shelves today (be a little while longer before I see it over here in Canada) Thanks Jes, I owe you one!

Another big thank you to Mr William Li for getting the UXB website up and running in such a short space of time and for doing such a great job! He even coerced me into creating a Twitter account for it- yeah, I know, something I said that I would never do...

I have to say that the Comic Heroes preview did give me that extra little push to finally go online and get the comic out there. I hope to add a page every week to the site and continue to do so until I finish the bloody thing.

Hopefully a few of you will join me.



james corcoran said...

Just read your eBook preview looks fantastic, can I ask when we'll see more and in what format?

galvinator said...

Great stuff, good to see it up and running man! Best of luck with it!

Twitter?!?!?! Selling out to the corporate overlords man!

Lubbert Das said...

Thanks guys. Yeah James, I added a link to the sidebar (should be pretty easy to spot) that will take you straight to the comic website.

Yeah the Twitter was suggested because it was an easy way to add news updates to the site.

- that's my excuse anyway....