Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When I exited the bathroom wearing only a pair of boxers, a tee-shirt that had an EC comics logo and a pair of sandals that I had not yet bothered removing (It had been a sunny day). I had a moment where I thought I resembled how a more contemporary Jesus Christ would look.

I even felt more spiritually aware at that moment; like a load had been lessened.

A pair of sandals and some naked legs will do that for you (Note: you need to see well above the knee, so remove your cargo shorts or other type of clothing for proper effect)

Sic faciunt omnes


joe bloke said...

back in the day, when I still had hair ( & a whole lot of it, too ), I used to get mistaken for Jesus, all the time.

true story. I was in this pub ( the Penny Farthing, in Islington ), and it was empty except for me and this one woman, and I was putting some tunes on the jukebox, and the woman sez to me, in an Irish accent, " You look like Jesus." and I sez, without looking at her, " yeah, I get that a lot. " and she sez, " He died for us. " and I turn to smile at her and say something witty, and she takes out one of her eyes and holds it up so it's looking right at me! at which point, I scream like a little girl, and the barman pisses himself laughing.

Lubbert Das said...

That's better than my blog post...

Angie said...

you two should have your own talk show...i think it would be a smash!