Saturday, May 29, 2010


A couple of quick silhouette studies of the guys from UXB.

Strong, graphic shapes can help to define a characters persona whilst also lending it's design a certain readability; so that no matter how many extras are surrounding them or how complex the environment gets - they will always stand out. It's a basic visual language.

The problem with UXB was that all three guys have those huge codpiece like devices attached to their bodies and therefore all had a very similar silhouette.

So to help break their design up a bit I gave Das the atypical long coat (similar to Hellboy, Constantine and an endless array of other comic book /film characters )

With Muc I added the poncho which was a rather simple choice as he is a fan of the Spaghetti western and Clint Eastwood.

I could then leave the remaining character 'Rifter' to wander around showing off his ridiculous package as is.

You will notice that Rifter in the third drawing has added a penis like appendage for extra effect...


Hey, I'm just the artist!

I have been working on UXB the past while and getting together the first issue. A few other comic related things came my way since I completed the preview issue and I have been incredibly busy with the day job-

- but it is on its way...