Sunday, February 28, 2010

Taming light

Stanley Kubrick was a great picture-maker – his images are eternal, but more than that, the concepts and emotions behind them endure. He was a filmmaker whose aim was to draw a map of the landscape of the human spirit – the soul and the imagination. Kubrick is more than just a consummate storyteller or technical genius; for the artists paying tribute in this exhibition, he stands as something greater; a genuine film artist; the master of composition, colour, movement and spectacle.

John Maguire, October 2009

This exhibition was held in Dublin at the Light house Cinema in October of last year. The gallery however is available online and can be viewed at the website:


wiec? said...

huh. really cool stuff. i like the Strangelove one best. the Shining one too.

joe bloke said...

loving the bath.