Thursday, February 18, 2010

Francis Bacon reproduction

A painting by Francis Bacon has been copied – so it can go on show in Kirklees. The original of Figure Study II is considered too valuable to be put on public show.

It remains locked in secure storage by Kirklees Council’s cultural staff who will not say how much it is worth. But now a reproduction of the work has been commissioned and it will go on show later this week.

The painting, Figure Study II by Bacon, one of the 20th century's most influential artists, was presented to Batley Art Gallery by the Contemporary Art Society in 1952. Over the years the issue of displaying the important work in Batley has surfaced from time to time.

The reasons the painting has not been able to be displayed are numerous but primarily related to security and the impact on insurance, due to the painting’s value. There are also fears about possible damage when it is being moved and transported.

Whenever Kirklees Galleries lend the work, and it is often in demand, they need to be sure that the borrowers can meet certain security, insurance, transport and environmental conditions.

Now the work has been copied and the resulting reproduction will be formally unveiled at Batley Art Gallery.


I think if I was going to a gallery to see a painting, I would want to see the original or not at all. They may as well be putting up a laminated print of Steven Segal.

Worth visiting that link above as it has quite a bit of info relating to the man himself (Bacon that is, not Segal!)

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wiec? said...

i hear you on the point of going to a gallery to see the original and not a fake. seems pretty crazy to go to all the trouble to copy it and just display that. if they're worried about vandalism why not place a bullet proof shield in front of it or something.

also it's a beautiful piece. why the concern about vandalism any way? going now to click the link.