Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Banksy Vs Bristol Museum.

June 13th-August 31st

...and it's free admission.


Anonymous said...

Well...I for one am glad that he's back up there in bosom of fucking nob-land, Clifton & no longer down here with us.

A few years ago...I would've taken his daddy's silver spoon & rammed it, & his fucking dollar padded social commentary, up his public school arse.

I still have copies of the £13k+ worth of bills from having to paint my tiny little community non-profit restaurant's exterior walls....again & again & again.

Even though he'd graced me with a 'banksy'...for which I was never truly grateful....he also inadvertently started a graffiti spree that lasted for nearly a year & put us out of business.

Surely if you're going to deface a community it shouldn't be the one you claim you're trying to 'help'. Should it?

Oh....BTW...hello CL :)

Lubbert Das said...

Fluff where's your blog gone??

I don't know much about his background to be honest, but I do like his anarchic leanings no matter how pseudo they may be.

I agree with you though, obviously his artistic statement is more ego than altruism.

Bloody artists!! Can't stand 'em me-self.

Hope you are well.