Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It almost completely passed me by; but it would appear that I have now been blogging and spewing out my own little shite tirade for one full year. First post was on the 2nd of June 2008.

What got me into this blogging lark you ask?

Well since you have asked so politely...

I had stumbled across a few blogs on my internet travels and for the most part many of them seemed to be mainly concerned with talkin' about their holidays or new car or how they cycled across Europe or some shit (Yeah- OK! I know,I know, I'm a hypocrite, I've blogged about riding my bike amongst other things, but c'mon at least I referred to it as my LAWMASTER MK 2 and I did bike cannon a few old biddies on my travels!)But anyway, let's just say I didn't hold the world of blogging in very high esteem at that point.

Then around two possibly three years ago I stumbled across Sean Phillips blog and having always liked his art and the fact that he was posting on a daily basis I started to tune in quite regularly. This led me to Chris Weston's blog and so on and so forth.

However it was two blogs in particular that really sold me on the idea:

The Vault of Buncheness
I believe it was through Chris Weston's blog that I came across Steve Bunche's Vault of Buncheness. Steve's blog is without doubt one of the best out there(sorry,but it's a fact)With pop culture ruminations on comics, music, film and even a bit of porn thrown in for good measure. Steve isn't too adverse about talking about his personal issues or work related problems either and his blog really does read like a diary of sorts(albeit, one that is actually interesting to read!)It's certainly not just because of his devotion to Devo and old school 2000AD! F#ck no!

The Bad Librarian (Don't get a big head Cardwell...) Mark's site was discovered around the same time and I dunno maybe I was missing the craic from back home and his Ulster wit struck a chord with me(I feel the need to really play his influence down...as his ego is already somewhat inflated..)But yeah, his posts were always entertaining and his rag's on Mark Millar every now and again always made me laugh(...and nod my head in agreement)

So yeah you can blame them...

You see in the beginning I was thinking of a sketch type blog, not unlike Tom Galvin's excellent blog; and I think you can see a little bit of that happening in some of my earlier posts. Although after a while I found myself leaning more and more towards just having fun with the idea, posting about whatever took my interest or pissed me off on a particular day, talkin' about art, films, comics, jizzin' on my dad's shoe - you know the normal type of stuff!

Along the way there has been many people who have left various comments and I have to say it's all appreciated. So thanks to Joe, Fluff, Scaramanga, Angie,Calvin,Igloo, Josh, Darius,Anton and Lu and everyone else who stopped by and took a moment to read and possibly meditate on my words of obvious wisdom. I am sure all your lives have been much enhanced because of it.

No, don't thank me...


Booksteve said...

Congrats on your milestone!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Congratulations on reaching one year. I admire anyone with the courage to put out their thoughts into the world. See you next year.

Joe Bloke said...

blimey, a whole year. congratulations! always a pleasure, Colin, never a chore. keep up the very sterling work!

galvinator said...

Happy anniversary man! The blog's always worth the visit for your humourous reflections and peeves! Cheers for the mention aswell, muchados appreciados!

Anonymous said...


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