Friday, March 6, 2009

Saturday Morning Watchman

Now this is the Watchman I would pay to see! At least they kept the squid monster!

Check it out here:

Thanks JDarrell.


Scaramanga said...
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Scaramanga said...

Ha ha sweet...

Please do not say that watchmen was/is pants?!

I am off to see it in t minus 60 minutes.

Although I know where youre coming from, the xmen was well better when it was a cartoon on saturday and I was 8 and Gambit was present.

Man thats what X men lacked. Too much attention to wolverine not enough to he is just a discarded cigarette but on the side of the road that is the X Men franchise...So sad.

Im sorry, i digress. Please dont say i am going to have another day the earth stood still moment and want to gouge out my eyes with a rusty spoon?


Lubbert Das said...

Look forward to a review on your blog Charles-

I'm sure Synder did a decent job bringing it to the big screen, although I still have no intention in seeing it.

I did like his take on Dawn of the Dead(even with the running zombies)but I absolutely hated 300! The hyper-real quality of it just made it completely wash over me;I would compare it to being dunked in a big bowl of lukewarm custard. Everything just looked too artificial and staged- which of course could have been the intent.

From looking at the trailers of Watchman, I am getting the exact same vibe. Also the hype surrounding it is just annoyingly overwhelming, causing me to grate my teeth every-time I see another
movie/comic tie-in!!

I will say that the new ending does seem like like a better fit. The Squid monster was always a little bit daft-

Sorry Hitler!