Sunday, March 29, 2009

Me Meme!

Never got around to doing any of those things mentioned in my previous post!

Bloody work!

Now I'm not really big into these "meme" things but as this is the third time I have been "memed" (think the answers on this one should cover Lu's; though still need to do Calvin's) I thought I should make the effort to participate!

The Rules
1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog.
3) Write six random things about yourself.
4) Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5) Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6) Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

1)On a school trip to the swimming pool when I was ten; a kid called Brian Devenny was found lying at the bottom of the pool ten minutes after the rest of his classmates had gone back to the changing rooms. We were the second class into the pool that day and it was one of my friends who spotted him. I still do not know to this day what happened to Brian and why everyone including his teacher failed to notice that he was missing. He was a tall kid, quiet, likeable and very soft spoken; he was also the constant victim of school bullying. I had become friends with Brian in the months leading up to his death and still think of him.

2)Caught masterbating.
In my early teens when I wasn't storming through the house in constant anger mode(teenagers eh!)I was spending most of my time in my bedroom masterbating! Now with my temper tantrums and anti-social behavior my dad must have thought that it was time for him to intervene. So there's me desperately trying to hold the door closed with one hand while trying to pull up my trousers with the other. Sad to report when my dad did finally get the door open(which in fairness didn't take very much effort) He picked up the porno mag, browsed through it and said "You know, it's not healthy doing this kind of stuff- you should really get out more!"

I then spurted on his shoe... and he was like "Collllinnnnn!" and then we both laughed at the obvious hilarity of the situation...

No, I made that last bit up!

3)Probably hard to imagine if you met me now, but when I was younger I was painfully shy! To the point that I would avoid any kind of social interaction. As I got older it was mistaken for an aloof arrogance- and then I discovered alcohol. Hurrah!

4)Terrible fear of the dark which stemmed from list item 6.

5)I was a massive Adam and the Ants fan back in the day. My black Harrington jacket was covered in badges and patches and I use to "Ant dance" around the house on a rather regular basis! My love of everything "Ant" led me to pick up the album Dirk Wears white Sox (This was Adam with his orig line-up before he styled himself all "native Indian" and hit the commercial big-time with King's of the wild Frontier) The album itself was a revelation as it covered such topics as: Cleopatra's obsession with oral sex and the size of God's knob! Not exactly the "Antmusic" I was expecting, but of course I f#$king loved it! Still do...

6)Suffered from sleep paralysis when I was younger and at the time I had no idea what the hell was going on. I thought I was either possessed or slightly psychotic!

Oh yeah, and it was Joe over at the excellent Grantbridge Street that tagged me.

Breaking the rules a bit here as I don't think I'll be tagging anyone else...

What!! At least I did it you muppets!


Darius Whiteplume said...

I almost pissed when I read the "spurt" - funny stuff.

lu said...

yay you! I don't like to get the meme myself, but I do likes to read about other folk and their masterbation histories.

Also good about this is the wide range of serious and silly.

I like you mr. lubbert-das

Booksteve said...

Agreed that this is an interesting, well-chosen collection of stuff about you. Thanks for participating!

joe bloke said...

2. bwaaahahahahahaha!!!! my mate, Terry ( and I SWEAR TO YOU this is no word of a lie ), could actually give himself a blowjob. AND he got caught by HIS MUM!!!!

3. I got that in reverse. when I was younger, you couldn't shut me up. now, I hide in corners and nod a lot.

5. I was just listening to Dirk Wears White Sox the other night. cracking album. the missus hates it. she loves all that Wild Frontier nonsense, though. . .

cheers for taking part, matey. I promise not to meme anyone up in the future. but, when Booksteve comes a-knocking, who am I to not answer that call?

Anonymous said...

Come on's us. We all know you didn't make that last bit up ;) ain't been banned. Had some weird traffic so I shut up shop for a while. Was just about to open it up again. Still over at Blair though. Just having problems with the delete button. My finger seems to be glued to it.

Right....gotta go get my head round this memed thing & start blogging. Need vodka first methinks.

You be safe CL. I'm thinking of you, over there & working hard. throw myself headlong into the public school system & enjoy the next

That's off as in ON HOLIDAY.

Not to rub salt into your wounds or anything ;p

Scaramanga said...

Dude, you should write comedy with stories like the "spurt" one HAHA.


Anonymous said...

You know....I just read this post again. This time though I had more than .00005% of my brain in gear.

And now I see you CL. a scary, 'I liked AA, got caught doing the dirty by my dad, was (still am, sometimes) painfully shy & suffered from sleep paralysis' sorta way.

Fortunately for you, the scary moment ends there because unlike your obviously sensible parents...mine really did think I was possessed :)

Anonymous said...

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