Friday, December 19, 2008

Yeah I know...

At first I thought it was kinda 'kitschy cool.'

But c'mon Daleks should be dangerous, bad ass metal monsters!
This one looks like it's saying "Take me, I'm all yours you sassy devil!"

I guess this is what happens when you get 'Russell T Davis' to decorate your Xmas tree.

In fact the more I look at it, the more it resembles:

A Clanger (in a skirt and helmet)

Ginger Spice

Hannah Montanna (Garish, loud and obnoxious)

Henry the VIII

Gary Barlow (same shape)

C3Po's Missus!

Donald Trump

Barbie (Russell T. Davis Limited edition)

Russell T Davis

Gary Glitter

Russell Grant (Sorry, I meant to say Russell T Davis)

Rosie O'Dowd (Dressed as Barbarella)

But mostly it reminds of the lovely-


Yeah! That is Pat looking right at you!


It's almost like the above picture of Pat was digitally manipulated ever so slightly into the Xmas Dalek. Amazing what they can do these days...

What or who does it remind you of dear reader!? Answers on a postcard to ....


Michael Reid said...

Elton John at a sci-fi convention.

Lubbert Das said...

Elton John. Full stop...