Monday, December 15, 2008

Bring Back Star Wars

A UK Channel 4 documentary from a couple of months ago. The interviews by Justin Lee Collins make it essential viewing.

Find out why R2D2 and C3P0 hated each other.
See C3PO's infamous golden rod.
Why was Darth Vader kicked off set?
Meet the Chewie fan club...

Find the rest of it yourself ya lazy bastards...
It's all available on Youtube.

Yeah and Anthony Daniels does come across as a right "James Blunt!"


Anonymous said...

Ooooh...thanks! That's my evening sorted :)

I loved the original film. I was obsessed. Saw it 17 times within the first year. Lol...never was I so eager to do chores & never has my mum been so bankrupt!

Would rather pull my own fingernails out than sit through any of the others, though. God, they were bad...

Hmmm...might be back later begging you to delete the last part of that comment. Depends on how many deaths threats I get ;)

You be safe Lubbert-Das.

Michael Reid said...

This program was really funny.
JLC was great!

Lubbert Das said...

No your right there Fluff- best we forget above those "other three movies." As they were rather...

17 times! Good God woman! I was just the once, my seven yr old bank balance just wouldn't allow any further visits. I remember when it was first shown on TV, I actually taped it- not on VHS but with a music cassette tape - and listened to the audio playback endlessly- how sad is that...?