Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nobody's twisting your arm...

I almost forgot that I'm going to see one of the best bands on the planet this week... (No Galvin- not the fu*king Bee Gees!!)Not that I would be against seeing the Bee Gees; I love me some Staying Alive...but I guess it would have to be promoted as the 'Bee Gee' as Barry is the only'Gee' left.

Anyway- getting off track.


They are going to be preforming here in Vancouver on Thursday revisiting the Steve Albini- produced Seamonsters – which is just a cracking album!

The last time I seen these guys live would have back in 89 at Queens University, Belfast. I was just a skinny teenager back then...with actual hair and a washboard stomach.

So no change there then!



Kid said...

I think there's still two Bee Gees left - isn't there?

I'm still waiting for the Glenn Miller Orchestra to hit town.

Colin Lorimer said...

Hurrah! Robin is alive---

We can go back to the plural!!!