Saturday, June 18, 2011


Let me tell you a story.

I was halfway through this page 2 months ago when my hard-drive died on my imac and I had thought I had bloody lost the thing(along with a lot of other stuff) I had never heard of the blue screen of death until that very moment and believe me when I tell you scared he hell out of me. I had just very recently bought an external hard drive and had moved a lot of my art on to it -so that was all safe; however all my photos and itunes data were not!

Thankfully the guys at the local computer store were able to retrieve and clone all the data from the drive allowing the Apple store guys to put in a new hard drive and mirror all the data back onto it- setting up my computer exactly as it was the day it had went kaput!

At around the same time I was also starting into another TV project whilst finishing off a comic book it all got a little too hectic to find the time to bring this page to completion.

Until now...(Well, OK...I still have the colouring and lettering to do!)

If you do have an Apple computer I would strongly advise setting up Time Machine. It is amazing how many Apple users do not use this device. If I had not been able to retrieve
my data from the hard drive it would have been lost for good. Time Machine allows you
to set up your "new" computer exactly as before with no hiccups or lost data...*

And I thought the 'red ring of death' on the 360 was bad!!!

*Yeah,yeah I realize all you techies out there already know all that
...but remember I'm only semi-computer literate!! I only know what I need to know, like how to turn it on and open up photoshop ...

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