Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year.

Here's a freebie for your listening pleasure:

The King Is Dead
the latest Decemberists album will be available for streaming in its entirety here until its release on Jan. 18.

As a bonus, here's a track from one of the best albums of last year:
Sufjan Steven's The Age of Adz.

Now that we are all a little older...


joe bloke said...

and a happy new one to your good self, sir. haven't seen the Swan film yet, I have an aversion to all things ballet, can't stand it, poncey twaddle, if you ask me, which no one ever does. that said, I do rather fancy that Natalie Portman, so I might give it a go. nice pictures, by the way.

cerebus660 said...

Happy New Year, Colin!

Lubbert Das said...

The ballet isn't quite as involved as you may think Joe, and when we are focused on it, it's intention is used more as a visual metaphor to help depict Portman's descent into crazy town.

It's a strange hybrid of a movie. Imagine Red Shoes directed by Cronenberg.

Cheers Cerebus!