Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Page 29 and 'You(U)can Kiss(X)my love Bom-mm-mmb(B)'

The latest page is now over at UXBCOMIC.

This page is placement only. I had intended to revise...but again time was against me. Page 29 will in fact become two pages and rather than having the guys just walking towards cam, will show a little more functionality of the suits. My reasons for uploading this page was mainly due to the fact that this will be the last post on the comic site until the new year, completing the first issue(chapter) of the book. So rather than leaving a large gap I thought at the very least I should book-end the end of the year with a semi-complete story; hence the page...

Posting will resume again on the 16th January, giving me a little time to play catch-up over the Holidays!

You may have found that the comic towards the end did become a little too linear. Originally as I was pitching it, I wanted to have a complete little package that tied everything together, so that the reader wasn't scratching his head too much.

Of course I had a synopsis/plot breakdown as well, but I always find the best response is to the visual. So the last couple of pages (27,28,29) on the comic site were tagged on at the end solely for that purpose. Originally I had it scripted that there would be a lot more cutting back and forth between the present and the past. For example: after the monkey incident I had intended that we would cut back to the present and continue with our boys in London. The suit functionality and their current predicament would be hinted at and explained more through the character's dialogue, rather than direct exposition in the form of a narrator.

So I do foresee that further down the line (and once there is a more substantial amount of content)... some serious editing will take place .

Love to hear you thoughts on it!

Oh yeah, and before I forget. I should mention that Foster and Allen just sent me the above pic through the post! Apparently they have written a song about the boy's exploits...

It's called: 'You (U)can Kiss (X) my love Bom-mm-mmb (B)'

Darlin', I am growin' older, mmm
Silver threads among the go-old
Shine upon my brow today-ay-ay, mmm
Life is fading fast away-ay
You can kiss my love bom-mmm-mmmb...

But, my darlin', you will be as you will be
Always young and fair to me
Yes, my darlin', you-ou will be-ee-ee
Always young and fair to me-ee
You can kiss my love bom-mmm-mmmb...

When your hair is silver whi-ite
And your cheeks' no longer bright
With the roses of the May-ay, mmm
I will kiss your lips and say-ay
You can kiss my love bom-mmm-mmmb...

Oh my darlin', you will be, you will be
Always young and fair to me...
Yes, my darlin', you-ou will be-ee-ee
Always young and fair to-oo me
You can kiss my love bom-mmm-mmmb...

Kiss it tenderly, before it ex-plodes up in your face!


Doesn't seem to reflect any of the comic's actual content guys... but powerful stuff anyway. Thanks.

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