Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monkey Sex and Dwarf Tossing!

Or: Monkey tossing off a dwarf!?

No ...not really! But page 24 is up over at UXB Comic
Read it and tell your friends all about the awesome swear words.

Lubbert Das fun fact: The male Proboscis monkey defends his group(average troop is one male with 6-10 females and their young)by honking loudly, baring his teeth, and waving his erect penis at any aggressor!

Of course the monkey in the above comic is not a Proboscis - but his facts were just not as entertaining.


joe bloke said...

did I dream it, or have I seen page 22 in colour before? I seem to remember it in colour. I dreamed it, didn't I?

this one's cool, too. but you already know that.

Lubbert Das said...

You mean 23? Yeah, you dreamt it Joe. I still haven't got around to colouring 22 up.

Thanks for reminding me (you shit!)

Sorry, turned into Alan Partridge there for a second!)