Friday, August 27, 2010


I thought I would give a mention to Rich and Deborah Burn's upcoming short movie Monster. I did some storyboards for them some time back and now having wrapped the shoot, I just recently got to see the rough edit... and have to say it's looking great!

They also snagged Jodelle Ferland (Silent Hill, Tideland) for the main role.

I can't show too many of the boards as they may give away some of the key plot (and Rich would probably throw a hissy fit and slap me -- oh wait, that's me fast forwarding to when he's a rich and famous Hollywood director and he won't hire me for love or money...!)

Here's a couple that I think are safe:
For more info on the movie, you can go here: or here:


BEADLE said...

HAHA ! I can totally see Rich throwing a hissy fit ;)

But he definitely wouldn't slap you. It would be a non-violent hissy fit.

Those boards are amazing !!! I want to see them all !!!!

your pal,

Lubbert Das said...

Yeah, your right! Rolling his eyes- hands on his hips type of thing...

If he actually did raise his hand to me, it would be more of a stroke, than a slap.


Rich doesn't read my blog does he?

Rich Johnson. said...

i would punch you right in the nose.

Rich Johnson. said...

...the next day I would buy you a anew red bike though.