Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ten Years

It is now ten years since I first arrived in Vancouver.

Ten years!

It was back in March of 2000 that I took my flight from Dublin, destined for the shores of Canada. Originally I was brought over to work with an animation company on a years visa; that job didn't quite work out as well as I had planned so I resigned after five months while having already taken another job in Luxembourg. Then I was informed that the Luxembourg gig had been reduced from a years contract to a mere couple of months...wonderful!! During all this I had sent a bunch of resumes and some portfolio work to a few other local companies in Vancouver in the hope that one might bite. I was contacted by a games company who subsequently renewed my visa and contracted me for what ended up becoming three years. So with being kept busy and enjoying how the Canadians say "Eh!" quite a lot I decided to take root in Canada and well, here I am -- a whole ten years later!

To be honest I find it hard to believe how the time has just seemingly flown by. It feels like I literally, just stepped off the plane.

Anyhow, here's a monkey (I drew earlier)giving you dear reader the proverbial finger. Please in a similar fashion raise your finger to your monitor in an act of joyous celebration.

C'mon "Show me the finger!!"


The Fake Henry said...

I have my finger raised, sir.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Right back atcha brother. You know you made the right choice. Vancouver, oh the suffering. Like downtown Calcutta.

Lubbert Das said...

Thanks gents.

I feel the finger...

Angie said...

cheers to your 'sary.

Lubbert Das said...

Thanks Angie.